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Do you feel there is more to cancer than meets the eye?

Are you:

  • ✓ puzzled by the fact that chemotherapy actually CAUSES cancer...?
  • ✓ aware of the fact that radiation can cause mutations, which in turn can also cause cancer...?
  • ✓ looking for a healthier, more natural solution...?
  • ✓ finally ready to take charge of your own health...?
  • ✓ interested in knowing the secrets to cancer prevention and recovery...?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then you owe it to yourself to get the Treatable And Beatable Tools for Cancer Prevention & Recovery!

For years, Carolyn has battled cancer, to finally find a way to overcome it naturally...

Carolyn's Treatable And Beatable Tools for Cancer Prevention & Recovery Package

Retail Value of Entire Package: $270

Natural Health Summit Special Offer ONLY: $97

This Package Includes:

Treatable And Beatable 30 Minute Personal Health Consult With Carolyn

(Retail Value $250)

You will get everything you need in these 30 minutes of one-on-one time with Carolyn to:

  • ✓ Know Your Best Options for Cancer Prevention And Treatment...
  • ✓ Get All Your Questions Answered, So That You KNOW You Can Do It...
  • ✓ Get The Support You Deserve From Someone Who Has OVERCOME Cancer SUccessfully...
  • ✓ Invaluable Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else... (and that are to "hot" to mention here)...
  • ✓ and much, much more...

Treatable And Beatable Book

(Retail Value $20)

Cancer Can Be a New Beginning... It doesn't have to be a nightmare or death sentence!

Treatable and Beatable encourages cancer patients to claim their power and explore options the moment they are diagnosed. It details one woman's journey, successfully healing stage three breast cancer using Immunotherapy and a cancer vaccine. Her own immune system could beat cancer along with her belief that it could. She kept her breast and was spared many of the physical trials traditional patients endure.

This treatment by Geronimo Rubio MD is effective on more than breast cancer! Additional success stories are sprinkled through out the book. Ending on the note of patient responsibility, Carolyn offers self care protocols to boost the immune system when the cancer battle is through. From nutritional practices to detoxification rituals any patient can enjoy this book as they claim their health.

Bonus: Drawing For Weekend Health Retreat at Miracle Springs & Spa

(Retail Value $795)

This 2-day weekend health retreat in the beautful Miracle Springs & Spa resort will uplift your energy, and give you the tools to create truly vibrant health in your life.
You will get:

  • ✓ Tools and Strategies for Cancer Prevention And Treatment...
  • ✓ Little Known Secrets to Help Boost Your Immune System...
  • ✓ Learn How You, Too, Could Overcome Cancer SUccessfully...
  • ✓ Invaluable Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else... (and that are to "hot" to mention here)...
  • ✓ and much, much more...

Praise for Carolyn

"Thank you so much for inspiring the attendees [...] The feedback from your morning workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone loved your talk. Your commitment to celebrate, ignite, and invigorate the women in our community is sincerely appreciated!"

~ Ann Hill, Antelope Valley Women's Conference


"Your workshop presentation was of the highest calibration. Your program 'Staying Calm in the Midst of Cancr' is timely and relevant to women in the federal service. [...] You've helped women in learning what it takes to stay healthy and hopeful if ever they have to go through a health challenge like cancer."

~ Jan Castor, Federally Employed Women, Inc.

"Carolyn has a genuine and natural appeal with her audience that draws you in and holds your attention. Great illustrations and examples that easily and clearly demonstrated several key points. Carolyn is a wonderful and captivating speaker. We loved it!"

~ Laurie Louis, President IAAP

"We truly appreciate you taking the time to come and share your invaluable knowledge and expertise. [...] conference attendees valued your presentation and the information you provided. Overwhelmingly, we heard that the education at this year's conference was simply incredible!"

~ Lynne Walker McNees, President, International Spa Association


CAROLYN GROSS, PATIENT ADVOCATE, received her B.A. Degree in Home Economics and Nutrition from Albion College, Michigan in 1978 and worked in the Food Business for nearly 2 decades.
She then realized her passion was health and healing and became a Licensed Massage Therapist from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, San Diego, California in 1991. Carolyn specialized in Cranial-Sacral Therapy and also taught it. She was in private practice for 15 years and conducted Spa Retreats for some of the top destination Spas in the country. She used her extensive research to write her first book Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos: How to Keep Positive in an Unsettled World.
Her healing work took her to conferences around the country and eventually she added Professional Speaker to her curriculum vitae. As Past President of the National Speakers Association in San Diego, in the midst of a national book and speaking tour, Carolyn was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2003.
Her holistic training and beliefs made it impossible for her to accept a mastectomy as the only solution to cancer. She refused to lose her breast, hair and dignity with the slash, poison and burn protocols offered. Her research led to the advanced practices of Immunotherapy and Geronimo Rubio MD, at the Rubio Cancer Center. She successfully healed Stage 3 breast cancer without any surgery and has survived the past 9 years.
In 2007, Carolyn published her second book: Treatable and Beatable: Healing Cancer Without Surgery and became the premier host of INSPIRE! Talk Radio Show, sponsored by Breast Cancer Wellness magazine. She now adds to her resume, health and patient advocate. She has counseled hundreds of cancer patients and is now setting up weekend retreats for those who need healing solutions and the treatable and beatable approach to health.

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